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Welcome at the Fally
in the "Bucklige Welt"

“Zum Fally” is a traditional country inn with a long history, situated in the Heart of the “Bucklige Welt”, the so called “Viennese Alps”. You will find fine food, comfortable rooms and
us – the Fally family – awaiting to pamper you!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Excursion or vacation? At the Fally you combine the two!


You reach a man's heart through his stomach! At the Fally we prepare our food as we always did: herbs from the meadow, vegetables and eggs from the farmer next door, game from our own territory – whenever possilble.


Hike through gentle hills today, explore rugged rocks tomorrow? Or climb a mountain in the morning and just lazily roam our wonderful meadows in the afternoon? There are so many options to have a good time!


You are looking for the ideal retreat? Natural textiles, wooden furniture, a lot of love for decorative details – every room is unique, every room has its own special atmosphere. Find your feel-good place!

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