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Experiences at the Fally

You are curious to have a closer look at an area with the funny name “Bucklige Welt”? The Fally is located right in the center of this “Hunchbacked world” or the “Viennese Alps“, as it’s also called. It is the perfect homebase to explore every corner of it! Your curiosity will be rewarded – there is so much to see, you will love it. And we will provide you with everything you need for a splendid vacation! Take our word for it!


For many of us, spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year: Nature awakens to new life, everything sprouts and turns green. A trip to the old cherry tree avenue behind Steyersberg Castle is particularly recommended. But apple trees and chestnuts also bloom magnificently and invite you to observe nature. From the Fally it is only a few kilometers to the famous “Türkensturz”, where you should enjoy the view from the ruins – a great experience. When the weather is right, our boss Franz prepares one of his wonderful flower syrups – based on a family recipe from Urli grandma. Our tip: Be sure to try it, you definitely don’t get that elsewhere – nature at its most enjoyable!


In summer, the wonderful hills of the Bucklige Welt invite you to stroll and hike, on the Schneeberg you can breathe real alpine air. At the “Harriet & Friends” festival at Feistritz Castle you can stock up on culture, and in the outdoor pool in Kirchberg you can cool off on particularly warm days. Do you just want to “let your mind wander“? There are a few wonderful places of power in the vicinity of the Fally, which we would be happy to show you! And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we recommend a visit to the Linsberg thermal baths, or you can just get a good book from our Fally library! This is how vacation works.


Autumn transforms the Bucklige Welt into a symphony of red and rust tones, ocher and yellow. Then it’s time to buckle up your hiking boots and pack your rucksack and off you go … Make sure you have charged the battery of your camera – honestly, better insert an extra memory card – there are great photo opportunities  at every corner! The “Ödenkirchnerweg” for example, you take directly from the Fally. Whether you head west or east, you will find cider taverns everywhere in the area for a leisurely break. Back “at home” at the Fally, Franz might serve you some delicious game – if you’re lucky, it’s from our own huntinggrounds and he shot himself. You can’t get more autumn-vibes and definitly it’s organic at its best.


The Bucklige Welt provides you with a fairy-tale surrounding any time of the year. But such a blanket of snow makes the rolling hills look like a bowl full of meringue… With a bit of luck we will have snow right up to the house, then it is best to strap on your snowshoes and explore the winter fairy tale on foot! Otherwise it is not far to Mönichkirchen-Mariensee or to the Hirschenkogel am Semmering for skiing or cross-country skiing. Wonderful wide slopes also invite you to carve on the Stuhleck. Back at the Fally, warm up in our infrared cabin or with our delicious, home-made punch. Or both.