We are on holiday vom 23.01. – 22.02.2023

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Our family – your hosts

Gitti and Franz with Tanja, Vanessa and Isabella, Grandma Gerti and Grandpa Franz.
Each one is part of the whole, indispensable for your feel-good experience.


As a guest, you will probably get to know Gitti first! Our boss is a genuine Tyrolean with a lot of temperament and comes from a gastronomic family herself. She takes care of her guests as if they were part of her family. In the restaurant she ensures perfect service and her greatest pleasure is when you are fine! She is the heart of the house and will be happy to help you, no matter whether you want to reserve a table at the fally or book a room. And if you are planning an event with us, you will see – Gitti is your host with body and soul


Franz, our boss, is in command of the kitchen and wine cellar. Whenever he has the opportunity, he flicks through old and new recipy-books, always looking for inspiration. He treats traditional dishes with respect, though always tries for a modern, state of the art culinary approach. He ensures that the menu is creative, varied and with a connection to the region. Vegetables, eggs and milk come from the local area wherever possible. As a passionate hunter, the boss himself takes care that “a fine piece of game” is served on the plate. 


Grandma Gerti

It’s been some time, Grandma Gerti passed on Great-Grandma’s big old cookbook from the 1920ies to Franz. He keeps it like a treasure.

But Grandma Gerti is still a passionate chef and pays regular visits to the kitchen. She enthusiastically lends the kitchen team a helping hand while preserving jams or making dumplings – you can taste how much pleasure it’s been giving her!

Grandpa Franz

Grandpa Franz enjoys the fact that he is retired. The passionate hunter has been active behind the scenes in recent years, taking care of the hunting ground and of feeding the game during wintertime. In autumn he sometimes goes for mushrooms, as he has an excellent sense for the right time and of course knows the forest like the back of his hand. If there is a piece of game that needs to be chopped up, then Grandpa Franz is in his element. 

Tanja, Vanessa, Isabella

The three Fally-daughters definitely got the host gene in them and actively support their parents, if they find the time. Currently Tanja and Vanessa are quite busy with their jobs abroad an Isabella has three more years of educational training to finish. When the girls are at home, they enjoy being with their parents and join them for one of their hiking tours in summer or some cross-country skiing in winter. Who of them will carry on with the Fally-business isn’t decided yet, but there’s a good chance that some day a member of Fally generation IV will be in charge.

Wir machen Urlaub!

Ab Donnerstag, den 4. Juli 2024 sind wir wieder für Sie da!